Chemistry… It’s Not Just A Class In High School

If the one thing you dread when looking for a job is the all-important interview, you aren’t alone. After all, everything’s at stake… or is it?

If you’ve been called in for an interview, obviously you have something that has piqued the interest of your potential employer. So, use that very fact as a way to bolster your confidence when you enter the interview.

And then, when you go in, remember the single most important thing that makes a job work between an employee and employer: Chemistry.

Obviously, you need skills that relate to the position, but I’d be willing to wager that an interviewer would hire a person with mediocre skills and outrageous chemistry than one with mad skillz and absolutely zero chemistry.

So, how do you fake chemistry? Easy answer, you really can’t. If you walk into an interview and cold chills go up your spine, give it a few minutes and try to make it work. If it doesn’t, concede defeat and thank the interviewer for their time. Yes, seriously. You’d hate it there anyway.

Don’t get nervous, thinking the employer has the upper hand. It’s simply not true. Chemistry is a two-way street. Not only is the potential employer trying to sum you up, but you should be envisioning how YOU would fit into the position and fit in with the current team.

Think of the interview as equivalent to a blind date. Always be on your best behavior, try to make the best impression you can without acting fake and watch for cues- you know those little cues that set something off in the pit of your stomach and sound alarms in your head that says, “something’s just not right here”? Yeah, you know the ones. Listen to them!

And during the interview, act as natural as possible. Don’t loosen your tie and kick off your shoes, but show that you have personality, even a bit of spunk. If you don’t show who you are, the potential employer will never know if the two of you can tango for the long-haul and if you have that perfect mix of chemistry that will take you to infinity…and beyond.

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