Job Interview No-No’s

Congratulations! You’ve made it to the all-important job interview… you’re ahead of 99% of the other job hunters. Now it’s time to seal the deal!

In order to nail your interview, there’s five things you MUST avoid doing and saying, at all costs.

In this economy, it’s hard not to make yourself seem desperate, but don’t. Don’t let your interviewer know that you’re on the brink of financial ruin, about to lose your house, your car, or anything else. Keep your personal business, personal and your professional business, professional.

Secondly, never, ever speak badly about a former employer. If you’re asked why you left your previous company and, deep-down, it’s because your boss was the worst boss ever, make sure you reply in the positive with something like, “I couldn’t see myself being able to grow professionally”, or “I was looking for a more challenging opportunity”. Be truthful, but positive.

Thirdly, after the interview is finished, don’t forget to thank your interviewer for their time AND don’t neglect to send a thank-you note. And, not just a thank-you note: address specifics of your interview- things that set you apart from all of the other candidates. You’ll leave a lasting impression and it may be the last communication you have with your potential employer: make it count!

Don’t go into the company blindly without any knowledge on what they do, their goals as well as some of their accomplishments. Being proactive in this manner shows the interviewer that you not only prepared for your interview, but that you are genuinely interested in becoming a part of their organization.

Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, rehearse how you are going to answer all of the hard questions like, “what’s your biggest weakness?”, “tell me about yourself”, or “why should I hire you?” Naturally, you don’t want your answers to sound rehearsed, but you do want be prepared. The worst thing you can do is be caught-off guard and then start babbling. That’s a sure sign to the interviewer that you aren’t the right candidate for the job.

Putting your best foot forward in your interview means giving a bit of forethought to the process. By being prepared and proactive, you’ll make a lasting impression which may just cinch it for you!

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