If you’ve been looking for employment opportunities, I’m sure you’re familiar with the site LinkedIn (http://www.linkedin.com/) LinkedIn boasts 150 million members and says that professionals sign up to the service at over two new members PER SECOND. And, you may already have an account there.  But, the question is, are you harnessing the TRUE power of LinkedIn?

Your Profile Is THE KEY To Your Success!

One of the most important pieces of your profile is your HEADLINE.  This is how your skills are found in LinkedIn.  You should make sure that you include the keywords for the categories that you would like your LinkedIn profile to be ranked for.   Doing so makes it easier for others to find you.

The next section is EXPERIENCE.  Be sure to not only list your current experience, but also your PAST experience.  Make your summary easy-to-understand and also list your specialties.  Your specialties should contain important keywords that you want your profile to rank for.  If you can somehow fit in a natural “call-to-action” for your prospective employers, do so under your summary.

The SKILLS & EXPERTISE section is also very valuable.  You’ll want to target specific keywords that you hope your potential connections will use to find you.

The ADDITIONAL INFORMATION section is another important section to pay close attention to.  Here, you’ll have the chance to list your Groups and Associations.  If you haven’t joined a Group yet, I don’t recommend that you proceed any further until you do so.

Here’s why:
Groups have thousands and thousands of members- all of whom are potential connections in your job seeking quest.  When you write one single blog post and post the link to the group, you push your content out to every, single person within the group.  This facet alone can provide exceptional leverage for you, depending on the value of your content.

The next post will show you how to use what I consider the single most important aspect of your LinkedIn profile.  Skip it and you’ve missed the proverbial boat to the land of opportunity…


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DATE / March 4,2012 by Anonymous

You’ve taken the time to build the perfect resume and it’s passed the scrutiny of the powers that be and now you’ve landed your interview.

Excited and nervous , you begin rehearsing the possible questions that could crop up, “why did you leave your last job?”, “What’s your strongest asset?” “What’s your Achilles’ heel”, “what’s your Facebook login information?” Wait…what?

Bet you didn’t have that last one on your list! But, it’s true- some employers are asking an all-too-personal question… your login details for your Facebook account. Now, I’d venture a wager and say that most companies are smart enough not to do this, but if your Facebook timeline is set to private, you may find yourself sitting in the midst of a very uncomfortable situation.

I’m of the camp that if you put it out there, you must own it and you must withstand the scrutiny OF it. But, if you’ve set your timeline to private, no company has the right to ask you for your login credentials nor do they have the right to demand that you login, during your interview, so that they can poke around and see what you’re up to. I’m of the strong belief that they shouldn’t ask you to even friend an HR person within their organization. (yes, this often happens too!)

So, what if they ignore all of the unspoken social networking rules and ask you for your login credentials or to friend an HR exec? What’s the best way to respond to a question like this? After giving much thought, the best I could come up with is,

“I understand your company’s concern for their brand and their corporate entity. I consider myself to have the utmost integrity and professionalism, as you’ll witness through my outstanding employment credentials. I think you’ll be pleased to know that I pride myself on keeping my personal life personal, and my business life business. I feel it’s the only way to establish a great working relationship!”

I’m hoping that you never encounter “the question”. But, make sure you are AWARE and PREPARED going into your interview!

What’s your best suggestion on how to deal with this question, should it ever arise?


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DATE / February 4,2012 by Anonymous

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