Part TWO: Leveraging The Power Of LinkedIn

In my previous post, I covered what some may feel are basics of the LinkedIn profile. But, do you know how many people don’t fully utilize the power of their profile? I don’t have any hard statistics, but I’d venture A LOT of individuals don’t. And, if you do, that puts you way ahead of the competition!

This last aspect of your profile within LinkedIn is what I consider to be among THE MOST POWERFUL pieces: the RECOMMENDATION section. These are testimonials from individuals you are connected with in LinkedIn. By asking an associate for a simple recommendation, you have added INSTANT social credibility to yourself. The best part is, you can choose which recommendations to display or you can ask for a re-write of a recommendation in two simple clicks.

You may be wondering how this is beneficial to you if you don’t have any connections that will give you recommendations. Answer: You can create an offer to send out to your groups, extending a SPECIAL to them in exchange for a recommendation. For example, if you’re a web designer or web programmer, offer to design or program a website for a drastically reduced rate or even free for the first 10 people to respond. If you’re a graphic designer, offer to spiffy up their website graphics with new, web 2.0 designs. If you produce videos, offer to make a quick video intro for a site. You get the idea!

Can you imagine the power of just 10 or 15 recommendations from individuals and companies and how that would position you as an expert within your industry? That’s free public exposure in exchange for a little investment of time. I can almost guarantee it will repay significant dividends for you!

Recapping The Profile Process

• Optimize your profile by using targeted keywords
• Join groups that are relevant to your industry which have a significant number of members
• Create an offer related to your specialty
• Extend the offer to your groups via broadcasting a blog post
• Provide your service to a specific number of group members
• Request a recommendation for the service you performed

By investing a little time and effort into creating your LinkedIn profile, you can leverage the true power of your LinkedIn profile to not only create profitable connections, but also land your DREAM JOB!

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