What an Interviewer is REALLY Looking For

When you go into an interview, naturally, the interviewer is looking to see if you’re a good fit. And, the way they determine if you are a good fit is based on your responses to the questions they ask.

The last thing a potential employer wants is an employee who lacks integrity. Prove that you are ethical and you are an individual of your word by showing how seriously you take commitments. In addition, never bad-mouth a previous employer. It shows that you lack discretion and an employee who lacks discretion is never a good fit.

Strongly connected to integrity is an employee who is has a superior work ethic. Let your potential employer that you’re excited to accomplish your tasks and that you enjoy being challenged. Employers want to see someone who is proactive in getting things done and most want to hire an employee who thinks out-of-the box.

Since you’ve gotten to the interview, naturally the interviewer knows that you’ve had experience doing the tasks that the job requires, but how well did you do them? During the interview, make sure you highlight the tasks that you excelled at. Did you surpass the level of expectation of your superiors? If so, make sure you communicate that important asset.

The reason every company needs employees is because someone has to take care of all the niggling details. Is that something you excel at or are you someone who rushes through a task just to mark it off your to-do list? If the latter describes you, perhaps you need to step-back and become more detail-oriented.

Companies always want to hire someone who knows what they are good at- and what they aren’t. Face it: contrary to what many like to think, no one can be an expert at everything. Knowing your strengths and weakness is important to you as a person, but moreover is important to a potential employer. Don’t be afraid to let the company know there are things you’re not an expert at. Doing this shows that you are honest and genuine. And a genuine individual is always a great fit for a company.

Lastly, one of the most important things that interviewers want to know is how well you get along with others. Are you high maintenance, confrontational, defensive, or argumentative? Do an honest self-evaluation to see if any of those terms describe you. If so, until you get those negative characteristics in check, you’ll never be a good fit anywhere.

You may be the perfect fit for a company, but unless you effectively communicate that to the interviewer, you’ll never be able to convince them YOU are the one.

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