You’re Qualified So Why Isn’t Your Phone Ringing?

If you’re like some individuals, you may have been on several interviews and wonder why your phone’s not ringing with job offer after job offer. While you can’t get every single job you apply for and it may not be your fault, it actually MIGHT be. See if any of these sound familiar to you:

1. Your interview skills are mediocre. In the tough job market, you have to set yourself apart in your interview. Make sure you’re prepared and you communicate why you are the best candidate for the job.

2. Your cover letter is ‘blah’. Your cover letter is the first thing that a prospective employer sees. Don’t reiterate the same information contained in your resume. Instead, take the time to give the employer additional information on why you would be a good fit for the position.

3. You act disinterested. If you’re less than enthusiastic in a job interview, the hiring manager may get the impression that you don’t want the job. While many applicants are worried about being over-enthusiastic- don’t be. Show the interviewer that you are not only the best candidate for the job, but that you also want the job. No one wants to hire a person who doesn’t seem very interested in the job or the company.

4. You aren’t detail-oriented. It’s true what they say: the devil is in the details. Every time you engage an individual at the company, you need to be polished at your best. This includes not only the way you speak to the person in charge of hiring, but also to his or her assistant. If you’re rude somewhere in the chain, rest assured, it will get back to the hiring manager. Also, make sure that you follow-up with an appropriate thank-you- either via a handwritten note or a well thought-out email. In addition, make sure you spell check all communications. You can have a perfect resume and cover letter and completely blow it in the follow up!

5. You fail to highlight your achievements. Your resume may be perfectly formatted and detail the descriptions of your previous jobs, it may not show your achievements. Make sure when you create a resume that you emphasize your achievements in your roles. This one detail can set you apart from every other job applicant!

If you’ve reviewed the above and you’ve gotten everything right, don’t despair. In the present economy, it’s difficult for even the most qualified candidate to find a job. Keep at it- perseverance is THE KEY!

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